Monnaies en état dit splendide / Coins in a Mint state condition

En ce qui concerne une monnaie dans un état de conservation dit splendide (SPL), elle ne présente aucune usure, elle n’a pas circulé. Seuls de tout petits chocs sont admis. Le velours de frappe est quasi intact. Dans le système de graduation américain (échelle de 1 à 70), les chiffres 63 et 64 lui sont associés. Vous trouverez ici les monnaies dans cet état, actuellement disponibles chez Elysées Numismatique.

French graduation system uses the term « splendide » (SPL) for coins graded 63 and 64 on the American scale (from 1 to 70). In the American system there are more than one term :

Coins in an Uncirculated condition (also called Mint State) (Unc, or MS) have no trace of wear. There can be bagmarks, surface can be spotted. There can also be a lack of Mint luster on it. Numbers from 60 to 70 are attached to them.

We can also use the terms Choice Uncirculated* and Select Uncirculated (Unc, or MS too) for the coins graded 63, that only have some blemishes.

We can use the term Gem Uncirculated (Unc, or MS too) for the coins graded 65 and 66, above-average Uncirculated coins that have just a very few bagmarks on surface and rim. They can have a brilliant and/or toned surface.

We can use the term Superb Gem Uncirculated (Unc, or MS too) for the coins graded 67, 68 and 69.

We can use the term Perfect Uncirculated (Unc, or MS too) for the coins graded 70, that are in perfect new condition, with utterly no trace of wear, no scratches, no evidence of handling, no bagmarks.

*Choice Uncirculated can also be used for coins graded 64.

Here you will find coins in such conditions, currently available in Elysées Numismatique coin shop.

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